Cross Stitch Pattern | Gentleman Pikachu

Gentleman Pikachu is up on the ProsperGeek YouTube channel, showcasing the time lapse creation of this piece. He is the first of three Pokemon coming down the queue, so stay tuned for a few more in the near future. I cannot get over Pikachu's mustache - I think he looks ridiculously adorable! As always, you can... Continue Reading →


Weekly Jump Start #1

I bequeath to you, on this Monday morning, a jab to the ribs:

Cross Stitch Pattern | Leaf Ninja

S2 E2: Leaf Ninja is now up on the ProsperGeek YouTube channel, showcasing the time lapse creation of this piece. This design was originally supposed to be more of a stylized silhouette than closer to the anime, but as I was stitching him up, the hair came out so on point that I hated the... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch Pattern | Weapon of Choice

I am back at it again with the Geeky Cross Stitch Time Lapse videos on YouTube! Series 2 begins today with this Legend of Zelda/Guardians of the Galaxy mashup. The pattern for this piece is available FOR FREE  right here until Monday, June 12. After that, it will be added to my cross stitch pattern... Continue Reading →

7 Fandom Cross Stitch Maps to Make

So many memories are held in the trees, rivers, and houses depicted on a map. An easy trip to Nostalgiaville, cross stitching a fandom map for your best bud could be one of the ultimate acts of love (thoughtful, yet oh-so-time consuming!)

Monday Motivation

Sometimes you have to ignore the downtrodden voice inside your head and just show up. This quote is the perfect reminder for a Monday morning - just because something seems impossible does not mean that it will never come to pass. Sometimes I get stuck in the daily motions of sleeping terribly, waking up to... Continue Reading →

How Do You Deal with Stress?

Everybody has battles to wage, and there are as many ways of handling problems as there are people in the world. I worry a lot. I mean, my writer's brain easily comes up with ten different ways the worst possible scenario could come to fruition, and I spend most of my time battling against the... Continue Reading →

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