12 Ways to Geekify the Office

I mentioned yesterday that my workplace is a soul-sucking black hole, and I think we could all agree that it would be a lot easier strolling into the office if we were able to geekify it a bit. Office Wars, anyone?

1. TARDIS Trash Can

Even though it is a container for trash, it would be a glowing emblem of the fact that even though I’m stuck in my cube for 8 hours, I know that there is some cool shit in the world. Doctor Who forever!

2. Game of Thrones Office Chair

Even better? Give me a throne to sit on in my little cubicle, and I will pet my cat and laugh maniacally as I answer my email. (If only I could bring my cat to the office.)

3. Portal Bookends

Everything might be digital these days, but I would bring in books just so that I could use these little guys on my cube shelf.

4. Comman Sit Stackable Stools

First of all, dear workplace, give us some awesome common work areas – that would be great. Then decorate them like this. They do look kind of uncomfortable in the photo, but you know, maybe actually use a real table?

5. Conference Room Table

Better yet, I would happily go to team meetings and participate if I got to sit at a Viking longboat. Such ambiance! Such flair!

6. Office Light Diffusers

Speaking of ambiance, how much better would the office feel if you were able to diffuse those awful flouresent lights?

7. Light Saber Pens

I still like taking notes on a notepad instead of my laptop, and I would be way more susceptible to paying attention in meetings and remembering what we talked about if I could write with these bad boys. Step aside, BIC!

8. Tiki Tissue Box

I also might be more willing to ignore how thin, rough, and just god-awful the office tissue supplies are if I were pulling them out of this guy’s nose.

9. Cheeky Office Signs

I wish more people would be passive aggressive at work, leaving little gems for people to read. There was a great back and forth regarding an office sandwich that made me laugh. Sigh. We should laugh more.

10. Medieval Weapon Push Pins

In the meantime, I would happily stab these into my cube walls to hold up important papers, inspirational quotes, and the little sketches of chibis that try to keep me cheerful.

11. Office Cross-Bow

If that doesn’t help, I would love to make something like this. Again, Office Wars, people!

12. Mario File Cabinets

Lastly, even though everything is digital now and we don’t really have a need for these, I would set them up in the office just on principle.


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