10 Geeky Cupcakes for Your Next Party

This weekend was my son's birthday weekend, and every year I try and do something a little different for his birthday cake. Last year he had a Minecraft-themed birthday party and I slaved away on a Minecraft cake that he loved. This year was a little more low key, and I ended up making some... Continue Reading →


12 Cross-Stitch Projects That Celebrate Star Wars

In the wake of all the goodness that came out of D23, including the first illustrated Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster and the announcement of Star Wars theme parks, here are 12 awesome cross-stitch projects to make right now to help tide you over until December: 1. Choose a Side Classic good verses evil!... Continue Reading →

Fan Shirt #3: Zork

Okay, who remembers Zork? A text-based computer game that started back in the 1980's? Well, it was a fantastically imaginative, sophisticatedly infuriating interactive fiction game that brought you to a whole different world without showing you one graphic. It was all in your mind, just like a book. You can actually play some of the... Continue Reading →

10 Fantastic Amigurumi to Give as Gifts

Amigurumi is a specialized crochet art that can make the most cutesy-wootsie adorable doll-like plushies - they are the chibis of the crochet world. But in my opinion the art form can really make Funko-like figurines that make awesome gifts out of your friends' and family's favorite games, movies or books. Check out these ten... Continue Reading →

Geeky Cross Stitch DIY Demo Video Series

I love crafting, and my current obsession is cross-stitch - and not your floral or Thomas Kinkade-inspired pieces either. COOL CROSS-STITCH. Pieces that are equal to an awesome fan shirt or tattoo. Pieces that inspire or make a statement about your interests. What's even better than making a project simply because you enjoy it? Turning... Continue Reading →

Fan Shirt #2: Assassin’s Creed

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. There is something about Assassin's Creed cosplay and fan art that is just something special. I found this meme on Pinterest the other day and had a good chuckle - I wish I ran into cool people like that at the gas station (or, well, anywhere). Using the Assassin's... Continue Reading →

The Martian Audiobook is Full of Awesome

I've been listening to The Martian on Audible, and it is fantastic. I'm usually a paperback girl – I don't like reading on e-readers (even though I have one and they are super convenient!) and audiobooks can go oh-so-wrong. However, I do look for books that have awesome audiobook reviews because you can get an... Continue Reading →

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