Fan Shirt #1: Dragon Age!

There’s something about a personalized shirt that people love – it’s just like decorating your locker, or putting up art on your walls, or tattooing your skin. It’s a way to express yourself and love what you love. Last year for my son’s birthday, we did a Minecraft theme, and I made him a personalized Minecraft T-shirt. I found a plain green shirt, and then I made a Creeper stencil, and then used that stencil to ink in the Creeper face on the shirt. I then wrote, “STOP IT! You’re creeping me out!” on it. Sigh. He loved it. It was easy, personal, and I always told myself that one day I’d make myself a personalized T-shirt – you know, whenever I found the time.

Well, I was totally inspired this weekend, and you are about to see the fruits of my labor!

After work on Friday, I had a list of errands to run so that I could work on my creative projects this weekend, and for some reason the crazy blue moon made the whole world go crrrrazy. I left work just as a huge storm hit, dropping so much rain that you couldn’t even see the road. When I finally made it to Target, my first stop, I took my time and found two cute plain shirts that would work well for the T-shirt project. All the while crazy loud cracks of thunder shook the building. When I finally made my way up to the registers to pay, the lights flashed on and off twice, and their systems went down -___________________- So. I stood there and waited – I mean, how long could it really take for a computer to boot back up??? Fifteen minutes later I dumped my stuff and left. I was a bit disheartened because without the shirts I wouldn’t be able to do my project – and I wanted the shirt done that night so that I could wear it the next day for the OTHER project I’m working on (more on that later, but hint: it involves Youtube videos).

My next stop was Michaels, where I bought fabric markers and several colors of embroidery floss for a project I’m working on (same as the aforementioned video project). I decided to consider their selection of T-shirts, even though my initial thought was that they would be too rough and boxy and I wouldn’t like wearing them. And guess what?! It turns out a youth medium fits me JUST RIGHT. And they were only $3 each! I bought a grey one and a red one, and saved myself $8 from my original Target plan. Yay!

I’ve got several video game symbols saved on a Pinterest board, and I already kind of knew what I wanted to do – I just had to decide which one I was going to do first, because I probably wasn’t going to get to the other one this weekend.

Black and grey won out, and I sketched out the symbol from Dragon Age: Inquisition on a piece of blank white paper, using a ruler to get it just right.


Then, piece by piece, I outlined the symbol onto the shirt using a black fabric marker. (I started in the middle and worked my way out.)


Finally, I filled it all in and TA-DA!!!

daicoloring      daicolorfinish

I love this shirt, and I can’t wait to make another one! I have a list of ideas, so we’ll see what I end up doing. I really want to wear a different fan shirt for each video I make (the other project I’m working on – you’ll see). Ah, what aspirations!

(Yep, obligatory bathroom pic!)


4 thoughts on “Fan Shirt #1: Dragon Age!

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      1. Yes me too. I got into the Witcher online game. I got through it fast the first time. Going slow the second time doing all the quests! But I go back to dragons age every time!


  1. Hmmm… I’m new to wordpress, being here only since February, and I’ve only been on pinterest just slightly longer as well. I found my way here when I entered “zork” as a search criteria. Oh, how I loved that game, from my youth. I love the t-shirt you made with “West of House”, on it (we are all mad here, as well). Ahh, if I were only a good with arty things.
    All I make is pin-back buttons. Even then it’s only a hobby.
    Well, after saying all that, all I have left to say is “keep up the great work”.


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