5 Epic Minecraft Builds That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

You know, when I was a kid, legos were a big deal. You sat on your bedroom floor with your tub o’ bricks – a collection of Robin Hood, medieval knights, and beachside fun (it had a ice cream parlor, and a shark – my sister and I fought over that one), along with a myriad of others, and you BUILT STUFF. Of course, these builds weren’t anywhere near as epic as some (like this 8-foot tall Tower of Orthanc from Lord of the Rings), but still, they passed the time in a creative way.

I was saddened when my son never got into legos – my brother and sister got him a huge garbage truck of Awesome for his 5th birthday, and then proceeded to put it together for him. About a week later it was broken. I tried buying him those Creator packs – where the same box of legos could make 3 different things. Still, abandoned after the first build. I gave up.

Enter Minecraft.

Maybe it’s because this generation are the techno-babies, where a five-year-old can teach an adult things about their smart phone they never knew, but everything Cameron is into has to do with technology.

And Minecraft is all about collecting resources and building things. One day Cameron pulled up a save he wanted to show me, and this huge statue of Steve met my gaze on the screen. I was floored. He couldn’t sit still long enough to build a little motorcycle, but he has the patience for THAT?!

Seriously, Minecraft is the Legos of the new generation. Just check out The Diamond Minecart – DanTDM, a 23-year-old, makes his living on Minecraft and YouTube. Amazing.

If I had a lot of time, I’d love to sit down and build something EPIC, but in the meantime, check out these amazing Minecraft builds:

This is The Crossroads – get a full tour of the world that was built here. Insane!

How about Elsa’s ice castle from Frozen? Check.

Even better? Hogwarts castle!

Or this epic castle. (Okay, enough castles.)

This isn’t so much a castle as a really awesome watchtower or headquarters! When Cameron and I do our epic PVP battle, maybe my base will have to look something like this!


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