Geeky Cross Stitch DIY Demo Video Series

I love crafting, and my current obsession is cross-stitch – and not your floral or Thomas Kinkade-inspired pieces either. COOL CROSS-STITCH. Pieces that are equal to an awesome fan shirt or tattoo. Pieces that inspire or make a statement about your interests.

What’s even better than making a project simply because you enjoy it? Turning it into a challenge! I have this huge blank wall in my dining room, and I want to fill it up with a whole collection of these cross-stitch pieces. I am happily calling it the Crafting Wall of Awesome. Not only has this challenge been ACCEPTED, but I’ve turned it into a timelapse video series on YouTube, where each video shows a project from beginning to end in 2-3 minutes. Maybe it will inspire you to join the cross-stitching fun; or maybe it will convince you that cross-stitch is pretty freaking cool after all:)

So stay tuned to my YouTube channel @prospergeek as I work my way through all of my favorite things – from Shaun of the Dead, to Star Trek, to Supernatural, to Doctor Who and Harry Potter and Star Wars and BEYOND.

Check out my most recent video featuring Supernatural here.


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