10 Fantastic Amigurumi to Give as Gifts

Amigurumi is a specialized crochet art that can make the most cutesy-wootsie adorable doll-like plushies – they are the chibis of the crochet world. But in my opinion the art form can really make Funko-like figurines that make awesome gifts out of your friends’ and family’s favorite games, movies or books. Check out these ten cool amigurumi to make for your favorite people:

1. Harry Potter
No one would mistake this figure for anyone but our favorite wizard, and just look at that hair!

2. Gandalf
Here’s our other favorite wizard – how cute is that hat and beard?!

3. Bilbo Baggins
Look at that Hobbit hair! And a removable jacket! Bilbo never looked cuter. You could easily change the color of the hair and clothing to make Frodo.

4. The Sorting Hat
And I couldn’t get away from wizards or Harry Potter without mentioning this awesome mini Sorting Hat! What a frown!

5. Halo’s Master Chief
Halo 5 is coming soon, and what better way to celebrate than make this little guy? You could make him smaller by using smaller yarn, but I am duly impressed by this awesome design.

6. Link
I love this combination of crochet and felt in order to get truly detailed in the design. Look at that shield! Any Zelda lover would love to get this little Link as a gift.

7. Portal Cube
This isn’t an adorable little hero, but who could pass up the Portal Cube? I want to make this so bad!

8. Captain America
I love this one of Cap. My son would probably love to get the whole Avengers set to put on a shelf in his room, haha. (Ooo, I think I just came up with a Christmas idea….)

9. Doctor Who
The Eleventh Doctor! I, selfishly, want to make this one for myself:)

10. Deadpool
And, I mean, does Deadpool even need a blurb? I love the use of felt for the detailed utility belt, and I know so many friends who would love one of these. Talk about a heartfelt gift ❤

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    1. I know! I’ve never done amigurumi because I’m afraid I’ll get frustrated with the small pieces and having to sew them together, but I can think of an amigurumi that would make the perfect gift for every single person I know. I totally need to give it a try!

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