YouTube Video 3.0 Doctor Who Geeky Cross-Stitch DIY Project

Video 3 of the crafting time lapse series, featuring Doctor Who this time, just went live on YouTube this morning, and I am super excited about this one because I learned a new trick – adding a fadeout! I’m telling ya, things are getting serious around here! Haha.

I will tell you this – if you watch the video, you may notice that the first circle ends up being a little uneven. I did not notice until watching the playback later, but it is just a testament to the amount of mistakes I made during this project – and it was just one I didn’t catch. This is what happens when you try and watch Doctor Who while working – what a distraction!

I not only learned about fade transitions with this video – I also learned that you cannot watch something while working on a cross-stitch project if you are on a time crunch. In order to shrink these projects down to a reasonable 2 minutes, the project can’t really take more than 2-2.5 hours. I probably added an hour to my time while watching Doctor Who because I kept looking up at the screen, kept messing up and having to go back, and was just generally distracted. Sigh. It made for an interesting edit later, I can tell you that!

I suppose I will stick to Pandora and Audible in order to stay entertained. The thing is, I listen to music or my book all day at work during the week, and I don’t want to come home and do the SAME THING while doing what I love – hence why I tried to watch a show instead. I mean, I’m going to be sitting there for two hours at a time… so I was thinking of maybe getting into podcasts? (I know, I know – late to the party on this one.) I’ve heard great things about Welcome to Night Vale… I’ll do some research on what’s out there and report back!


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