Crafting Cross-Stitch Beginnings

Cross-Stitch is one of those mediums that you can use to translate anything you love, just by using mathematics. If you can pixelize it, you can cross-stitch it. This allows for infinite expressions of love, hate, and life. Much as you want to wear shirts advertising your favorite things, or plastering your walls with posters, or filling your desk at work with odds and ends – so you can use cross-stitch to the same effect. Even more so – since homemade paraphernalia is much more meaningful and unique than store-bought (although it is awesome to support the fandoms you love).

Growing up, cross-stitch was a hobby I enjoyed in order to spend my free time making something. Creating in and of itself is an act of beauty, and extra meaning is added when you spend your time doing it for others. I purchased kits from the craft store and was very ambitious with large projects that never got finished (see this video where I show some of these examples).

After a time, I began to use my free time solely on crochet, since I had a better track record of finishing afgans, hats and baby gifts (I even have an Etsy shop, and I’ll be doing some crochet videos on my YouTube channel).


Cross-stitch peaked my interest again with the advent of fandom-inspired creations, and I am completely addicted again. My goal is to fill up my blank dining room wall with cross-stitch creations, and you can view my progress with the time lapse videos I post to my YouTube channel.


Here’s one of the most recent ones, featuring Bender from Futurama (this is one of my favorites so far!)


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  1. Your cross stitch works are adorable. I also checked out your ETSY shop and wow! I hope everyone with a baby or know of someone that has one goes to your shop. You do such beautiful work! And your prices are great! Best wishes with your store! Have a nice night! Koko:)


      1. I know what you mean! I get really excited to start a new project, but after a few weeks I end up starting another one! Have about 7 different ones going at that moment. I would like to try smaller designs, do you get yours from books, magazines or from the Internet?


      2. I am a Pinterest fiend, hahaha. I find soooo many cool designs on there and just COLLECT them:) Sometimes I add different aspects together to make something a but different that suits my fancy, but mostly I just dream, “Oh wouldn’t that be a great project!”


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