Terry Brooks TV Series on MTV – WHAT?

elfstonesEarlier on this blog I was being nostalgic for Zork and Myst, and now I’ve come across a trailer for the new The Shannara Chronicles, a new fantasy series on MTV (???) based on Terry Brooks’ novel The Elfstones of Shannara.

I grew up with Brooks’ Shannara series – I practically LIVED in the Four Lands during junior high and high school. They were the books that cultivated my love of the fantasy genre. They helped me mentally escape the stress and anxiety that constantly bombarded me and helped my writing blossom to the next level.

Suffice it to say, the Shannara books hold a special place in my heart – and always will (even though I’ve made several attempts to go back and reread them and FAILED! Has that ever happened to you? It’s like they’re just not the same as I remember, and so I’ll just hold onto my memories of them instead.)

The entire scenario of this TV series just doesn’t make any sense when you lay it out there: 1) a series based on Terry Brooks’ work (I mean, there have been several false starts in the past, and these books are now going on 40 years old); 2) the series is airing on MTV (I could imagine the SciFi channel, FX, or even Fox – ha, although that last one probably wouldn’t last long); and 3) Terry Brooks himself and Jon Favreau are producing it. Since it is loosely based on the book, it may give the series the leeway it needs in order to be successful – but I will tentatively reserve judgment:) Since I do not have access to MTV I’m not sure how I’ll get to watch it, but I look forward to seeing how it does!

At the very least, the trailer looks EPIC:


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