Stat Buffs for Real Life – Coffee and Pizza Cross-Stitch Projects

One of the recent cross-stitch projects I did for my cross-stitch time lapse video series was called Coffee Buffs. In video game speak, a buff is something beneficial that is added to your stats to aid you during the game – plus 10 fire resistance, plus 8 speed, etc. In real life, coffee is seriously the one thing that gives me buffs in order to make it through the day – it wakes me up in the morning and gets me going, and DEFINITELY adds to my stats when I didn’t get enough sleep the night before 😀


My son saw this project and it was the first time he ever said, “Make me one, please!!!” We are a gaming household, if you couldn’t tell from previous posts, haha. So I made him a pizza one, since that is one of his favorite things. These frames are going to go in our kitchen to spice things up a bit in there.

What I love about this concept is that you can personalize it to anyone’s favorite thing and gift it for any occasion.

A steaming cup of tea: +5 focus, +10 inner peace, +7 wisdom.

A bar of chocolate: +4 energy, +8 sweetness, +10 happiness.

If you could use a real life object to add buffs to your daily stats, what would it be? I’m thinking of putting together some cross-stitch grids for a future blog post and would love some input! 😀



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