5 Cross Stitch Projects to Get You in the Autumn Mood

As much as I love the idea of the beach and the memories of feeling so grateful to get out of school and be FREE, Summer always drags on too long, and here in the desert the sweltering heat is suffocating. The moment the weather starts to change, when football season kicks in, when the kids go back to school, I always breathe a sigh of relief and feel a sense of anticipation for Change. Of course, the leaves don’t change in Phoenix, and we don’t get biting fall winds, but we do get a bit of rain, and when I start stepping out of the door at 7 a.m. and feel a slight coolness to the air? That’s heaven.

The first day of Autumn was September 22, and that very weekend I hopped out to Bath & Body Works and treated myself to a “Fall” scented candle (Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin). I smelled every candle in that store multiple times, for I didn’t want one too sweet or one too musky. Despite its name, I found a winner, and within two weeks it’s almost gone:(


Of course, being obsessed with cross stitch as I am, I couldn’t help but start collecting Autumn-related cross stitch patterns to help get me in the mood for changing leaves, changing weather, and changing times. I’ve collected 5 below that I wish I had time to make!

  1. Happy Harvest


What I love about Happy Harvest is that it’s not only colorful, but has enough going on to keep the interest of even the most distracted cross stitcher. Not only that, but it promotes fresh fruits and veggies, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that:)

2. Autumn


I’ve seen this concept done with Winter, Spring, and Summer too, and I think they would make great seasonal projects to work on. You could have a specific place in your home to switch out the work for each season as part of your decor. In addition, I love all the bits and pieces to this pattern that keep it interesting. I know just where I’d put this….

3. Fall Fairy


Here we have the classic Fall Fairy from Gold Dimensions. I’ve included it because I’ve probably stared at this cross stitch kit a million times at the craft store – I love the seasonal fairies and have always wanted to do this kit. It’s magical and dynamic and would be a great challenge for someone to take on.

4. Autumn Leaves


I love this pattern because it brings the beautiful changing leaves that are so characteristic of Autumn into my home. I lived in Virginia for several years and know the joys of changing leaves, but my eleven-year-old son has never experienced it since he has spent his whole life here in the desert. Having a piece like this hanging on our wall would be a welcome sight!

5. Pumpkin Silhouette


Lastly, we can’t forget that Halloween is one of the most characteristic aspects of Autumn. The inherent creativity and strange mysticism involved with the holiday makes it one of my favorites. I’ll have an entire list post dedicated to Halloween cross stitch patterns, but I couldn’t help including this one here since although pumpkins are related to Halloween, they are also simply related to the harvest season. I love this spiraling design against the black aida backdrop. Silhouette work is one of my favorite things to do with cross stitch – as you’ll see when I start posting my own designs on here. Frame this piece in an old Victorian-esque frame and it would make a great addition to your Autumn or Halloween decor.

Do you have any favorite Autumn or Halloween projects? I always look forward to making something new this time of year:)


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