7 Fandom Cross Stitch Maps to Make

So many memories are held in the trees, rivers, and houses depicted on a map. An easy trip to Nostalgiaville, cross stitching a fandom map for your best bud could be one of the ultimate acts of love (thoughtful, yet oh-so-time consuming!)

Every single one of these maps is on my to do list, and I love watching some of them come to fruition on Instagram as I follow my cross stitch buddies’ progress (I’m on there as @valestitchery. If you have a cross stitch account, look me up! I’d love to follow you back.) Check them out for yourself – some are free, some cost perhaps $5. Well worth the memories, me thinks.

  1. Game of Mushrooms
    In this Westeros / Mario mash up, you get to enjoy recreating the famed cliffs, ladders, and pipes of Super Mario World with the flavor of Westeros.
  2. Middle Earth
    Any LOTR fan out there would love this map by EtceteraAndStitches on their wall. Sure, you can find prints aplenty out there, but how much cooler would it be if it were handmade?
  3. Westeros
    Another Game of Thrones goodie, this piece by RandomlyGenerated holds to the classic sense, and although for me it pales in comparison to number 1 on our list, it is, perhaps, less daunting, yes? (Hell, who am I kidding, a GoT fan would love BOTH on their wall.)
  4. Super Mario World
    ME WANTS. This game was one of my absolute favorites growing up – and while I’d played the originals on the Nintendo, this was the one that clicked for me. This baby is second on my list of maps to make, and it is free to download for your stitching pleasure.
  5. Earthbound’s Onett Map
    What is the first map on my list, you ask? Why, this Earthbound map, of course. Earthbound – to this day – holds a special place in my heart, right up there with Myst and Zork. This pattern will be well worth the $6, as well as many other items in ServoStitches Etsy shop.
  6. Hyrule Light World from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Another nostalgic video game with a map depicting all of the places I died and died again. I know several friends who would love to receive this map as a gift! The pattern maker, NERDpillo, also has the Dark World available.
  7.  The Marauder’s Map
    I couldn’t talk about maps without mentioning the Marauder’s Map, one of the infamous tools of Harry Potter. Although it is only the cover, I say it would look fantastic framed and mounted on the wall near shelves and shelves of books.

Have you found any awesome maps you’ve stitched or added to your wish list? I’d love to know in the comments! What else do I need to add to my list??


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