Cross Stitch Pattern | Gentleman Pikachu

Gentleman Pikachu is up on the¬†ProsperGeek YouTube channel, showcasing the time lapse creation of this piece. He is the first of three Pokemon coming down the queue, so stay tuned for a few more in the near future. I cannot get over Pikachu's mustache - I think he looks ridiculously adorable! As always, you can... Continue Reading →


Cross Stitch Pattern | Leaf Ninja

S2 E2: Leaf Ninja is now up on the ProsperGeek YouTube channel, showcasing the time lapse creation of this piece. This design was originally supposed to be more of a stylized silhouette than closer to the anime, but as I was stitching him up, the hair came out so on point that I hated the... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch Pattern | Weapon of Choice

I am back at it again with the Geeky Cross Stitch Time Lapse videos on YouTube! Series 2 begins today with this Legend of Zelda/Guardians of the Galaxy mashup. The pattern for this piece is available FOR FREE ¬†right here until Monday, June 12. After that, it will be added to my cross stitch pattern... Continue Reading →

7 Fandom Cross Stitch Maps to Make

So many memories are held in the trees, rivers, and houses depicted on a map. An easy trip to Nostalgiaville, cross stitching a fandom map for your best bud could be one of the ultimate acts of love (thoughtful, yet oh-so-time consuming!)

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cross-Stitch

After making so many amazing little cross-stitches, I was finally inspired to grid my own:) I sketched out the snitch on some graph paper I printed out for free (I Googled "free graph paper printables" and found tons of choices), and then marked the cross-stitch grid from that. It was very liberating, and I made... Continue Reading →

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