Weekly Jump Start #1

I bequeath to you, on this Monday morning, a jab to the ribs:


Monday Motivation

Sometimes you have to ignore the downtrodden voice inside your head and just show up. This quote is the perfect reminder for a Monday morning - just because something seems impossible does not mean that it will never come to pass. Sometimes I get stuck in the daily motions of sleeping terribly, waking up to... Continue Reading →

How Do You Deal with Stress?

Everybody has battles to wage, and there are as many ways of handling problems as there are people in the world. I worry a lot. I mean, my writer's brain easily comes up with ten different ways the worst possible scenario could come to fruition, and I spend most of my time battling against the... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation

Sometimes it's the little things that get you through. The first thing I do when I turn off my alarm at 5 a.m. is take a shower, and the only thing that motivates me to use soap and shampoo instead of just standing under the hot stream of water is knowing that I have to... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation

Sometimes Sunday nights really suck. I've been extremely stressed out lately, and all I can do tonight is think about all of the things I don't want to do tomorrow. I am staying up way later than I should simply because I do not want to wake up tomorrow morning. It's. The. Worst. It is... Continue Reading →

The Martian Audiobook is Full of Awesome

I've been listening to The Martian on Audible, and it is fantastic. I'm usually a paperback girl – I don't like reading on e-readers (even though I have one and they are super convenient!) and audiobooks can go oh-so-wrong. However, I do look for books that have awesome audiobook reviews because you can get an... Continue Reading →

My Geeky Thoughts, Edition One

1. Monday So this was my first full week back at work after being off for 6 business days. I was so geared up for working on my personal projects that I did not want to go to work at all. Unfortunately, we keep losing people in my office, which puts more work on the... Continue Reading →

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