9 More Awesomely Geeky Blankets to Knit & Crochet

Everyone likes blankets, right? I mean, most people use blankets at night when they sleep, or while sitting on the couch during the cold of winter. So not only do they make a gorgeous aesthetic to any room, but they’re practical, too. When I learned how to crochet, the first thing I made was a scarf, but then I jumped into blankets and never looked back. Check out these nine awesomely geeky blankets to make for you or a friend. They’ll thank you forever, trust me. (Also check out the original 10 Awesomely Geeky Blankets to Knit & Crochet from back in 2015.)

1. Geek-A-Long Blanket


The girls over at Lattes and Llamas have been killing it with their year-long mystery blanket knit-along (or crochet-along, they support both). Check out the blanket from 2016! The patterns are free on their website, and the 2017 mystery Geek-A-Long is already in full swing. They also support one of my favorite charities, Child’s Play, so head on over there and check out their work ❤

2. Doctor Who


Here’s a fun project that works up quickly using the crochet bobble stitch. Represent all twelve doctors and satisfy your Doctor Who obsession (or someone else’s) with this cool blanket. The pattern is available for instant download at TannysToppers Etsy shop.

3. Game Controller


I’ve seen this pattern around and I think this blanket would make a great gift for any retro gamer – throwing it over the back of a couch in the basement or gaming room would add a great aesthetic, wouldn’t it?

4. Legend of Zelda


Sometimes changing colors in the middle of your work can be difficult, and you know a great way to fix that? By avoiding it altogether! The 8-bit simplicity of this blanket makes it a perfect project for a beginning crafter. You can take a simple chart and make a granny square for each square in the chart – the most grueling part will be stitching them all together in the end. Laughing Cat gives you a perfect example with a variation of this Link blanket.

5. Adventure Time


This graphgan incorporates 9 different charts from the popular cartoon. Linda Davie references a great Zipped Ladder Stitch Tutorial for invisible joining, as well as the pattern she used for the border on her Ravelry project page, and you can visit this board on her Pinterest page for the graphs of the different characters.

6. Doctor Who


We’ve all seen recreations time and time again of the amazing Fourth Doctor’s scarf, but how cool is this blanket? Unfortunately, the original Ravelry pattern is no longer available, but I did find a great free substitute at Crochet Cabana.

7. Harry Potter


Originally a Crochet-A-Long, the pattern for this blanket is available for free over at the Two Hearts Crochet blog. (Right now they’re doing a Firefly crochet-a-long, so you might be interested in checking that out as well.)

8. Game of Thrones


Represent with this Game of Thrones sampler afghan – Vancouver Crafty Geeks has graciously posted the pattern for free on their blog.

9. Gameboy Pokemon


How cool is this?! I had the original Gameboy, and my sister had the Gameboy color, and now my son has the 3DS. The BusyCraftBee Etsy shop has several of this style blanket available in a multitude of colors and various pokemon, and she welcomes custom orders. Due to the charted nature of this design, you could substitute any pokemon or Link or Mario, and personalize the color of the Gameboy for anyone’s taste.

Go forth and make something!!


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